Eugene A. Grigor'ev

About meaning of the life.


The human life has sense only in the event that mankind existence makes sense.

The person differs from all live only presence of creative reason, that is that he can create that does not exist in the wild live and lifeless nature.

Research reason all possesses live, even the mosquito searches for object and investigates it, that to get drunk blood.

It is possible to assume, that the higher sense of existence of mankind is expansion Creative reason in the Universe, but it is impossible neither technically, nor energetically, economically.

The mankind is doomed to live on the planet, to destroy ecology, to exhaust its natural Resources until they will not end - after that the mankind will start to die out.

The god is not present, and if it was, there is no more terribly a torture and punishments, than an eternal life - eternal melancholy and loneliness among billions same lonely.

Thus, it is possible to tell, that at mankind and the person is not present the higher meaning of the life.

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