Principle of making the powerful Free Electrones Laser

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Principle of making the powerful Free Electrones Laser.

Now relativistic electronics engineering is intensively expand. The considerable place in it is occupied by devices, which are termed as free electron lasers (FEL). Their principle grounded is in that a mobile charged corpuscles (MCC) is reduced in oscillatory driving across a direction of the driving of it. Thus there is a radiation in a small solid angle forward on a direction of driving MCC. This radiation depends on a longitudinal velocity of MCC, and of a undulator step (see lower). The radiation can be coherent, so it gives name of FEL.
For the transversal oscillations of corpuscle, the system called by a undulator is applied. There are electrical or magnetic undulators. A magnetic system of a here is considered (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

Deficiency of existing undulators is that for making a necessary magnetic field (MF) the big magnets are used. It is constructive restricts a step of a undulator - Lund (step of a change of MF is usually 0.5-10 cm).

For making an intensive beam of MCC and magnification of an output power of FEL, the multichannel scheme with addition of separate beams is applied (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

In a Fig.2 are designated:
1. Primary beams of MCC.
2. The disperse magnetic lens.
3. Summary beam of MCC.
4. Undulator.
5. Output radiation.

Singularities of this scheme are:
1. The application for assembly of beams of a universal magnetic lens in a dispersing condition is allows to minimise the aperture of an output beam of MCC.
2. Application of a magnetic undulator with supersmall regulated period. That allows considerably to increase frequency of output radiation.

By magnification of an energy of emitted quantum up to 80MeV, it possible a following photonuclear reaction: 83Bi209+80MeV→ 79Au197+22He4+40n1. Probably, also, photonuclear decomposition of a radioactive materials (including military nuclear materials and any other materials right on rockets and of rockets).

Radiantes of MCC can be: electron and ion guns, radioactive radiantes of high intensity (Pu, Co, Sr �), ultrarays and streams of MCC from the Sun. Usage a TREG as a source of a MCC is quite possible. (Fig.3).

Fig. 3

In a Fig.3 are designated:
1. A segmented torus with a current I (the coils of electric motors of a various type and purposes may by used as a segments).
2. Toroidal plasma formation with MCC - (in figure is increased). It is initialized by means of an electrical spark in pairs H2O, CH4, NH3 and other substances containing hydrogen.
3. The MF, used as a undulator.
4. Free electron generated by ionization of neutral corpuscle.
5. Output radiation.

By dotted line are shown an additional managing weak-current (i) coils. They are used for creation a weak MF (may be necessary or not). It MF is unidirectional with basic MF and rotates by consecutive cyclic switching of a weak-current coils.
It MF - for dynamic alignment possible technological disorders of a basic MF.


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