Paradox in electrodynamics

Paradox in electrodynamics.

Inconsistency of Maxwell's equations and law of Bio-Savar-Laplas is shown.

I. E. Tamm, "Fundamentals of the theory of an electricity", Moscou, Publishing house "Science", 1989.

Let's consider the equation       (88.5)
Here   (36.5) is a vector of density of a stream of electric ("free") charges
Thus, in electrodynamics, so-called, magnitostatics is the integrated sum of moving charges, and the constant magnetic field is statistical superposition of their magnetic fields.
If in the formula (22.4) to define ε = 1 (Vacuum ), that the second member of the right part of the equation 88.5 is possible to copy as .
Intensity of an electrostatic field of a dot charge is expressed by the formula   (2.1).

It is visible, that at movement of a charge q, in point M, located on an axis of movement, a derivative   is not equal to zero and, according to the formula 88.5,  rot H  also should be nonzero.
However, in the formulation of law of Bio-Savar-Laplas  (42.2)    the magnetic field, in the same point, should be equal to zero.

This discrepancy of results of two approaches also is offered for discussion.

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