Calculations, download from the site.

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Calculations, download from the site.


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Download, unpack and work. Files in a format xmcd (MathCad 15) and rtf in Russian and English. MathCad 15 under Windows 8.1 to establish on behalf of the manager - perfectly works. Unfortunately, to alter all files in this mathematical package it was not possible - a problem with functions "write_file" and "read_file", which steels in MathCad 15 it is much more difficult. The program MathCad7 on which all calculations are made, well works under Widows 7x86, all calculations made on it can be found in calculations .
Open, look, think.

Download, unzip, and run. For Windows you need to install VirtualBox or rewrite the program under PureBasic.
Open up and see sphere.bas  mono.bas  culon.bas  pinch.bas  astr.bas  und.bas


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