The formation of a ball-lightning and biological structures

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The possible expedient of formation
of a ball-lightning and biological structures.

The ball-lightning (BL) can arise in the channel of discharge of a linear lightning, if a drop of water is in it.
At the expense of a skin-effect, the current in the channel bypass a drop. Inside a drop arises a magnetic field of the closed configuration and minimum of magnetic intensity ("magnetic cocoon"). Such field is necessary for confinement of high-temperature plasma.
Then, under action of high temperature in the channel the water is volatilized and dissociates to the ions. As a result of this gas-kinetic process the spheroidal plasma formation is generated. It has big conductance - a skin effect operates too.
The ions of oxygen having the much greater relation m/e , than hydrogen and, accordingly, greater Larmor radius of gyration, leave a minimum of a field.

Model of a ball-lightning

The ions of hydrogen i are confinement by a magnetic field and form toroidal current surface. Electrons e form similar torus, but of smaller size and arranged inside an ionic torus because of much more small Larmor radius.
The direction of an electronic current, according to the law of an induction will be by such, that current's magnetic field will completely neutralize an exterior (ionic) magnetic field. Thus, inside an electronic torus H = 0.
The expansion of an ionic torus is precluded by the its exterior magnetic field and Coulomb force of electrons. The squeezing of an ionic torus is precluded by Coulomb repulsion between its ions and pressure of its interior magnetic field.
The expansion of an electronic torus is precluded by pressure of an exterior magnetic field. The squeezing of an electronic torus is precluded by Coulomb repulsion between its electrones.
Against displacement of toruses from centre of system the Coulomb force operates - that such as force, which ensures a quasi-neutrality of plasma.

The system with anomalously long time of life is formed (probably , at the expense of thermonuclear reactions which indications are available in statistical materials of BL).
During the independent existence, BL can catch, include in the exterior structure (a crown) and to modify different macroparticles contained in an atmosphere.

If in BL there are thermonuclear reactions, the mechanism of liquidation of BL may be represented as following: positively charged products of reaction, Which have much more major energies, leave BL, the uncompensated negative charge is enlarged up to a critical limit - the system fails with a recombination of charges (very big energy) and with an electrical breakdown of a uncompensated charge on the proximate subject with smaller potential.

Possible experiment of reproduction of a fireball with use of a lightning discharge.
Resistance of isolation between systems of conductors A and B should be above a voltage of breakdown of an arrester .

Experimental reproduction of a fireball 
with use of a lightning discharge

The linear lightning is a sequence of the single discharges with frequency of unity of a kilocycle.
It is natural, that the magnetic field in the channel of a lightning will not be stationary.
Therefore, if the drop of water has not evaporated, inside it the composite polymeric spiral (organic) structures can be formed.

So in ocean, and, more precisely, above ocean the alive substance could be formed.

Friendly site of Sergey Evgen'evich Emelin - the researcher of a fireball.


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